How can we make batteries become more efficient?

How can we prolong their lifetime?

To answer these questions, all the materials a battery is made up of have to be thoroughly studied to obtain a clear picture of all relevant mechanisms. RHD supports electrochemists and material scientist with setups  that are designed for the determination important material quantities like conductivity, MacMullin numbers, tortuosity values, and electrochemical windows. Thereby, RHD products enable you to study smallest sample amounts under precise temperature control and in inert atmosphere while using fully automated routines in combination with Autolab potentiostats.

We hereby invite you to our global webinar co-hosted by Metrohm India Ltd. & rhd instruments GmbH & Co. KG, Germany.

Webinar highlights:

  • Introduction into the working principle of li-ion batteries and solid-state batteries
  • Combined precision and automation: The Microcell HC setup and Metrohm Autolab devices
  • The basic principle: quick and precise adjustment of the sample’s temperature by Peltier-technique
  • One modular setup for different battery-related applications: determination of the conductivity of liquid and solid electrolytes, the MacMullin number of electrolyte-soaked separator foils, and the electrochemical properties of interfaces 


Topic  –  Advanced solutions for battery material characterization
Date  –  28 March 2019
Time  –  15:30 – 16:30 hrs (IST)
Speakers  –  M.Sc. Stefan Spannenberger &  Dr. Marcel Drüschler